Fall 2022 Workshops

Our workshops are open to anyone!



9/08/22AudioAudio for Podcasting – (workshop materials)UTC
9/13/22Microsoft OfficeWord Basics – (workshop materials)UTC
9/13/22AudioBuild an At-Home Recording Studio – (workshop materials)UTC
9/15/22Microsoft OfficeExcel FormulasUTC
9/21/22OrganizationManaging and OrganizingUTC
9/27/22Microsoft OfficeExcel ChartsUTC


10/06/22OrganizationHow to Organize Your Stuff: File Management for People Who’s Computers Hate Them – (materials 1 and materials 2)UTC
10/11/22Microsoft OfficePowerPoint Basics – (workshop basics)UTC
10/11/22Creative ProcessBrainstorming for Creative ProjectsUTC
10/11/22AudioHow to Produce Music in GarageBandUTC
10/13/22Microsoft OfficeExcel More FormulasUTC
10/18/22Microsoft OfficeExcel Basics – (workshop basics)UTC