Spring 2022 Workshops

Our workshops are open to anyone!



1/18/22Visual MediaManual PhotographyUTC
1/19/22AudioAudio for PodcastingUTC
1/24/22Microsoft OfficeExcel BasicsUTC


2/1/22Microsoft OfficeWord BasicsUTC
2/2/22Visual MediaBecoming a YouTuber 101VCU
2/2/22AudioBuild an At-Home Recording StudioUTC
2/3/22Microsoft OfficeExcel Pivot TablesUTC
2/7/22Microsoft OfficePower Point BasicsUTC
2/8/22OrganizationHow To: Organize Your EmailUTC
2/9/22AudioHow to Write a PodcastVCU
2/15/22AcademicsUnderstanding Media ManipulationUTC
2/16/22Misc-3D3D Collage with BlenderVCU
2/18/22Visual MediaPhoto Documentation for PortfoliosUTC
2/23/22Misc-GamingLet’s Make a Video Game!VCU
2/24/22AcademicsBrainstorming for Creative ProjectsUTC
2/24/22AcademicsCopyright and Fair Use for CreatorsUTC


3/2/22AudioComposing with CodeVCU
3/8/22VideoCaptions with Adobe Premiere ProUM
3/9/22Misc-3D3D Scanning and Printing Explained With Ocean 8’s Future TechnologyUM
3/22/22AudioCreative Strategies in Music ProductionUM
3/23/22Visual MediaDesign 101 for STEM ResearchVCU
3/24/22Visual MediaIntro to CanvaUM
3/30/22Misc-MapsMaking Maps Magical (and Meaningful)VCU
3/30/22AudioCrash Course : Introduction to Ableton LiveUM


4/6/22Misc-AnimationAnimating with After EffectsVCU
4/11/22Microsoft OfficeExcel BasicsUTC
4/13/22AudioMusic Production Basics with AbletonVCU
4/20/22Misc-SewingSewing 101: Making a Tote BagVCU